We’re ambitious, compassionate and we always follow through on our values. Our safe space gives you the chance to explore yourself, become your best self and really experience what yoga means for you.

We strive to revolutionize the way yoga is taught and shared - as a practice, a career or an enterprise. Our online yoga platform makes it easy for all of you out there to access, learn and share yoga at any time, from any place. Join us as we work towards transformation - together.

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned practitioner or a fellow yoga teacher, we want you to be equipped with the knowledge to safely move and feel through your body as we guide you to create a safe practice at home. 

Through yoga Cheryl was able to get through some of her most difficult times with mental health; she hopes to help students discover their power within themselves and find their true self through yoga.

In her classes expect dynamic sequences rooted in alignment and breath; these classes are purposeful and transformational, building strength while focusing on breathwork.

Yoga has been a great learning experience for Cheryl in terms of hypermobility and redefining flexibility for herself; she believes that when practiced safely it can be both therapeutic and dynamic. She also believes that movement is medicine - being able to explore the body's potential beyond asanas is what's truly empowering.

Cheryl gives credit to her mentor and teacher Jeremy Marcott, who inspired her to stretch beyond her comfort zone and take on her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Through the hot yoga and vinyasa practices taught by Hu Yihan, Jimin Choi, Cora Lee, Copper Crow, Sharat Singh, Gabrielle Mendoza, and Jade Lim, Cheryl was able to find solace in the midst of chaos and inner peace through the challenge of embracing the set sequence despite the heat. 

Cheryl Goh

Living gently and intuitively takes patience, courage and an ability to block out the external noise. Listening to your intuition is surrendering to the false illusion of control. Let go of the linear. Let go of the expected.

Sound Healing

Sink into the sounds of crystal singing bowls in this 30-45 minute practice.

This is your time to fully rest, recharge and allow the vibrations and frequencies of the singing bowls to uncover your oasis.


Unwind and reset with our restorative yoga classes supported by props such as bolsters, blankets.

An occasional sound bath may be included with crystal singing bowls. Restore your mind as you allow your body to completely relax and restore, sometimes even fall asleep!



For students who want to break a sweat. Our vinyasa classes are dynamic and empower you to move with your breath as you flow through asanas, embodying one movement to the other.

Arm balances and more advanced options may be included for more experienced students.



One of the most traditional forms of yoga offered, static yoga postures are held anywhere from 20 seconds up to a minute. Flow through a slow hatha practice that allows you to find grounding, learn the basics of yoga through strategic alignment



Classes We OFfer

We truly believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender and where you come from. We’ve created a safe space so that you can practice at your own pace and level of your practice.


We’re a bonded and knitted community that share one thing in common, our love for yoga, our own journey and to help you achieve your goals.


Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned yoga practitioner, there’s a class for everyone. Yoga isn’t just about the physical asanas, it’s about embodying who you are.


Our classes allow you to embody who you truly are. Rooted in alignment and breath, we want you to be able to stand in your own power as you take the seat as a student.


Our Core Values

What we stand for