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Part of my ankle reconstruction surgery is finally here because I was admitted into hospital on 9th-11th November for a surgical wash out because my ankle was so incredibly swollen and because the wound wasn’t healing properly, despite antibiotics.

This was just a routine wash out but was one of the most painful periods of recovery for me, emotionally. My doctor had put me on a back slab cast so I wouldn’t walk so much, and looking at myself in that state in the hospital, I blamed myself so much for what had happened, putting myself in this state for the second time.

My doctor had been in contact with me and texting me about updates and checking in on me, after he rounded on me the next day in the evening, I texted him asking if he could call down the anaesthesiologist from my first surgery as he was the best, had sent his regards about me 3 times in clinic to my doctor, and I thought he would be able to help.

LITTLE DID I KNOW, he showed up on the same night when he was on reservist and on leave (which was why he was unable to attend my second surgery as my anaesthetist as I had requested him), showed up at my ward at 9pm and my doctor did not tell me at all. I was so shocked that he had spent his leave time with his family to come and see me, chat with me about what’s going on.

We went to one of the private consultation rooms on the ward because it was covid19 and they had shut the lounge and meeting rooms, he sat there asking me what had happened and why I ended up in a wash out.

My anaesthesiologist asked me about my neuropathic pain, also talking about going back to yoga and how much it had meant to me. Every time I talked about yoga during my recovery period, it made me feel worse about myself because knowing that I can’t step back on the mat and not being able to do anything about it made me even more upset.

If you guys didn’t know, I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 4 years, I only practiced 4 times a week this year when I switched to a new yoga studio, discovered my inner peace, love and calling for yoga. In 2023, I want to pursue yoga teacher training and this is a goal I’m working towards.

My doctors both knew how much this meant to me as yoga is an integrated part of my life, extending beyond the asanas. My anaesthesiologist told me to not be so hard on myself, that pain is temporary and medicine can be given to control the pain. 4 days later, the back slab cast was removed in clinic and I was switched to an ankle guard.

This experience has taught me so much about myself I never knew, ankle reconstruction surgery has allowed me to find inner strength and peace in my yoga journey. I’m currently back to yoga as my physiotherapist has started yoga with me, and my orthopaedic surgeon has cleared me back to yoga last week.

Both my doctors have always been checking up on me, my surgeon follows me on instagram and i’ve been posting a lot about my yoga journey, reconnecting with my teachers, continuing with private yoga and my recovery , through it all he’s been encouraging me on all my posts on my social media.

It’s rare to find doctors that are truly passionate about what they do, go above and beyond their medical duties to care for you just to ensure my mental wellbeing and sanity. I couldn’t have done this without them. But that being said, I am very much picking myself up again from surgery, as it has been a really rough journey to say the least.

Will share more about my yoga journey in my next post!


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Cheryl Goh is the founder & lead yoga teacher of
Flow With Cheryl. 

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